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World Discipleship

Our focus at Village is discipleship, specifically making disciple-makers. We understand that the Great Commission of Christ to his Church tells us, "In all our going, we all reach (evangelism & baptism) and teach (discipleship), so that all peoples may know Christ". In our immediate community, we want to reach and teach all those Christ puts in relationship to us. But we are also to reach beyond our own context, into the world. We do this in partnership with others.

To accomplish this we have made two commitments. First, we set aside a percentage, a tithe, of all that is given to the church's General Fund. We have dedicated this amount to world discipleship, beyond our own ministry. Currently that is 12% and we intend to increase this over time. Secondly, we will only support new partners in world discipleship when we can provide at least 25% of their support and if they are willing to become adjunct members of our pastoral staff and of our church (others continue to partner with us, but new missionaries can only come in under these commitments). In so doing, they are committing to working full-time on staff with us for at least 25% of their home assignment. Rather than a burden to them, we understand this to be an encouragement both to them and to us. This significant time together allows us to build and strengthen relationships; they are able to stay in one place and with one church, instead of being in a new church each week; and we gain their teaching and mentoring while they are with us. This is in marked contrast to our prior way of supporting world discipleship. In the past we supported many teams for small amounts of money each month and as a result could spent only a few hours every few years with them. In the new model, we also hope to be deeply connected with our partners.