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Mission (Purpose)

Glorify God...Love People...Make Disciple-makers

The purpose of this church shall be to glorify God in every way prescribed or approved by the Holy Scriptures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is to be done through individual and corporate worship of God, through the mutual edification of its members and other believers, and through evangelizing the lost to Christ at home and abroad.


In all our going, we all Reach & Teach, so that all peoples may know Jesus Christ.

The Great Commission does not command us to "Go!", but rather commissions a way of life; "in all your going". Every day we are all to live on the front-lines, facing forward, knowing that the Holy Spirit is going ahead of us to make opportunities for us to Reach (baptize or evangelize), or Teach (to obey Christ or disciple). We are not just making disciples, but making disciple-makers. This command is not limited to professionals, church office-holders, or for the experienced. Instead, this command is given to all who follow Him: from young to old, from novice to experienced, and for both men and women. And in this work, we are not reaching only our family and friends, but all peoples: those who are not like us in traditions, culture, or language. It is the will of God that all may gain the joy of knowing Christ, the Lord and Savior of the Universe.


The Word...Through Us...With Others...By God

Declaring Biblical Truth- The Bible is God's word and is authoritative truth which is sufficient in guiding us in our understanding of God and His desires and purposes.

Exalting Christ in Worship- We were created to worship God. The Father is seeking true worshipers; those who worship in spirit and truth.

Fostering Ministry through Gathering- Our gathering is about reconnecting each other with God in relationship. This fellowship takes us from fading embers to white hot coals ignited by the breath of the God's Spirit among us, readying us for the front-line work God has called each of us to do throughout the week.

Making Disciple-makers- We have been commissioned to make disciples; reproducing the character, ways, and mission of Jesus in those around us expecting them to multiply the same within others.

Being Ministers of God's Grace- We value demonstrating God's love through the expression of our spiritual gifts in service to one another for the glory of God.

Being a Christ-Centered Community- We strive to build a community of believers who are known by one another and who are serving God and each other.

Being Fully Dependent on God- We need God 24/7. We are God-dependent and desire to put God at the center of all that we do.

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Theological Commitments