Children's Books

Children's Books

The Big Picture Story Bible

0 - 3 years

David Helm

This children's Bible helps us keep focused on the heart of the gospel through each story. It points to the crux of each story being the fall of man and promise of salvation through Jesus. This helps us to teach our children that what God made was perfect and good, but through human choices, sin invaded our world and destroyed all that was good; however, God knew that this would happen and gave us a Redeemer, Jesus, to restore us once again to himself. This bible illustrates this with clear words and simple shortened stories. The beautiful illustrations keep children enthralled in the story.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

4 - 6 years

Sally Lloyd-Jones

Every story of The Jesus Storybook Bible points children to the story of God's rescue plan: a baby named Jesus. This Bible helps children understand that the Bible is not a bunch of rules and regulations, but is a story of love and redemption. A Big Story of Jesus. The stories in this Bible are longer and more detailed, with pictures that are bold and bright.

Grow Bible (ESV)

1st - 6th Grade

This Bible is designed for the elementary student, with the full text of the Bible. Plus, there are added features that help our students discover and learn about the Bible. Throughout are blurbs asking and answering the student's questions about the facts, people and places mentioned in the Bible. Brief application portions help children understand how the Bible is applied to life. Lastly, there are sections throughout the entire Bible that help us see how the entire Bible points to Jesus.