Missions Books

Missions Books

To the Golden Shore

Courtney Anderson

One of the ways we know God is through the lives of others. Biographies of missionaries allow us to have a kind of 'relationship' with people who served God well in the past. Through such books, we can discover role models, men and women who served on the front-lines as disciples-makers. To the Golden Shore tells the life story of Adoniram Judson (1788-1850), the first protestant missionary sent from the United States when it was quite newly formed. His story begins with the challenge of convincing Christian leaders that we should send missionaries at all. This was a counter-cultural idea then. His story also unfolds the overwhelming difficulties God called him to face in Burma, and why he was willing because of the Gospel.


One of the most poignant passages of the book is Adoniram's letter to his future father-in-law, asking for the hand of Nancy Hasseltine. He wrote, 'I have now to ask, whether you can consent to part with your daughter early next spring, to see her no more in this world.' (p. 83). You see, in that day, missionaries did not expect to return! Yet, in all the difficulties - perhaps because of them - Judson and his family were used mightily by God. This story helps me see the front-lines of God's Kingdom. The front lines are not only in Burma, but here at work and in our neighborhood.

Operation World

Patrick Johnson and Jason Mandryk

This is not a 'book' but a reference work for prayer. It is also now a website you might bookmark: http://www.operationworld.org/ The book is revised and republished every few years as a guide for prayer and strategic planning for missions. Alphabetically divided by country - all the countries of the world - each entry lists the general details of the country (like you could find in Wikipedia), but lists the less known information about unreached peoples in the country, the work of the church there, and how to pray for the country.


Bruce Olson

Let the Nations Be Glad

John Piper

You are busy. You already "believe in missions". Why read another book about it? Why? Because this book will help you remember what is of most importance to God. First, we are reminded that God's passion for His glory as the basis for missions and for all of life! We need to think about this almost daily to keep hold of it! It is our compass. "God is most glorified when we are most satisfied with Him!" We need to see again the Biblical basis for this and see the connection to mission. Secondly, he reminds us of the place of prayer in this great work of bringing the world relief from oppression - we are bringing them liberation and hope and the key to that is time before God's throne. Invest 5-6 hours in this 250 page book and be refreshed and motivated by rich, bible-saturated truth - and be motivated to participate in the mission of God.