April 15, 2018

Romans: Finding the Frontlines

Title: A Warning to (nominal) Believers

Romans 11:17-24

How do we understand the strange mixture of confidence Paul offered in Romans 8 and his warnings, here? Does this text cause us to doubt our salvation, or hold on to Jesus as we are being held on to by him?

April 22, 2018

Romans: Finding the Frontlines

Title: Does God Save ‘all’ or ‘everyone’?

Romans 11:25-27

Here is another very difficult text. It is possible to say, ‘Fine, God will do what he pleases!’ and then ignore what is written. But we can do that only if we forget that God is revealing himself here. He intends to bring us into his plans, his character, and the joy of knowing what our Father is doing. Moving from what we know clearly in this text and into that which is more challenging, we will put the pieces together and discover God and our place with him.

April 29, 2018

Romans: Finding the Frontlines

Title: What You See is NOT what you Get

Romans 11:28-32

God is in eternity; we are in time. Those are very different environments with different rules. Both are real. Yet, even from our narrow and limited ‘time’ perspective, God can help us understand his in eternity. If we get that, we can understand something of this glorious mystery.

May 6, 2018

Romans: Finding the Frontlines

Title: Theology Leads to Outbursts of Worship!

Romans 11:33-36

You all know that Romans 9-11 is ‘contested territory’: Pelagians (We all have moral freedom to obey God); Arminians (By God’s grace, we all have free choice to be saved), Augustinans (God controls all causes, but not all willing), Calvinists (There is no free will and we come to God by his will); Hyper-Calvinists (God saves all directly and does not even use human mans like evangelism or missions). Where are you in this debate? Paul’s clear intent here is to reveal to us what has been hidden (verse 11:25)! But we all (I include myself here) can be dense. But here is one interpretive grid that may help us all: If we understand Paul correctly, and see God clearly in this Word, then our response should be an eruption of worship: ‘Oh the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!’