July 29 - August 2, 2018
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Donation Supper at 5:30 pm

Family VBS returns again, and this time we’re getting set to turn our church building into a Laboratory! Get ready to explore the promises of the Bible! We turn five summer nights into an extraordinary event of exploration, excitement and discovery of Jesus and His wonderful world of science! Our theme is Time Lab, because we are researching how Jesus did the scientifically incredible feat of transcending time. We ask questions of the Bible. It tells us about Jesus Christ—that He is present in eternity past, right now, and in eternity future. But, what if we had a time machine? Could we discover when Jesus began? What is he doing right now? While exploring God’s Word for answers, and getting to know some really catchy new tunes! We will also be exploring God’s world for insight into God’s marvelous creativity. We will learn from an animal expert about the interesting things about animals that you might not know! We’ll even get all science-y with our guest scientists, discovering God’s amazing creation!

What's this whole "family" part of our VBS?

Family VBS is how we do discipleship together! Families, including Mom and Dad, will walk through the rotations together. Families will be able to worship, pray, and learn together. What a great opportunity for parents to be engaged with their students in the Bible! Everyone gets placed into family teams! Your family team could look like your family + two other families + a couple neighbor kids you invited. What happens if Mom and Dad can't come? Bring Grandma or Grandpa, an aunt or uncle...or the kids can just come as well will put them in a team with other families. 

Is there a suggested age for participating in VBS?

3 years old - 6th grade

There will be nursery available as well for any younger children in your family.

Families can minister together!

Since family VBS keeps families together, we need those whose children are no longer at home or those whose children are not quite old enough to participate or no children at all to participate. You have the opportunity to participate by working in any of these areas of VBS: Bible Story Skit Team, crafts, registration, nursery, games and much more. We encourage families to minister together in one of the many areas of ministry.

What about friends?

Friends are always welcome! And we encourage you to bring them. Though VBS is geared toward families, we are always open to students whose parents can't attend. Friends you bring will be included with you in your family team. Or if students come on their own we connect them with other families to experience VBS.

Invite friends to join your family! Often friends are invited to join our families to go see movies, sporting events, go to the park and other places. Now is the time to invite friends to join your family to learn about Jesus.

Early Bird Registration Deadline is July 8:

$15- Family with one child

$30- Family with two children
$35- Family with three or more children

Registrations will be accepted after July 8, however, the cost will be raised.